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151221s1880    -uk           00  0 eng d
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Nat.Bib. Cno. 7 a BA10040535
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Language Code 0 a eng
Local subject a Storia della Medicina
Country Code a -uk
Dewey No. 0 4 a 573.8
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Personal Name 1 a Bastian, Henry Charlton
d 1837-1915
4 aut
9 19663
Uniform Title 0 0 a Brain as an organ of mind
Main Title 1 0 a The brain as an organ of mind
c by H. Charlton Bastian
Imprint a London
b C. Kegan Paul & Co.
c 1880
Physical Des. a xi, 708, 32 p.
b ill.
c 20 cm
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Sistema nervoso
x Studi
x Sec. 19.
2 nsbncf
9 20876
A.E. Corp. Name 2 a Kegan
4 pbl
9 3673
751 a London
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4 pup
Form.Cont.Note 0 a Coperta -- Guardia -- Occhietto -- Frontespizio -- Contents -- List of woodcuts -- The brain as an organ of mind -- Chapter I. The uses and origin of a nervous system -- Chapter II. The structure of a nervous system-nerve fibres, cells, and ganglia -- Chapter III. The use and nature of sense organs -- Chapter IV. The nervous system of mollusks -- Chapter V. The nervous system of vermes -- Chapter VI. The nervous system of Arthropods -- Chapter VII. Data concerning the brain derived from the study of the nervous system of invertebrates -- Chapter VIII. The brain of fishes and of amphibia -- Chapter IX. The brain of reptiles and of birds -- Chapter X. The scope of mind -- Chapter XI. Reflex action and unconscious cognition -- Chapter XII. Sensation, ideation, and perception -- Chapter XIII. Consciousness in lower animals -- Chapter XIV. Instinct: its nature and origin -- Chapter XV. Nascent reason, emotion, imagination and volition -- Chapter XVI. The brain of quadrupeds and some other mammals -- Chapter XVII. The brain of quadrumana -- Chapter XVIII. The mental capacities and powers of higher brutes -- Chapter XIX. Development of the human brain during uterine life -- Chapter XX. The size and weight of the human brain -- Chapter XXI. The external configuration of the human brain -- Chapter XXII. From brute to human intelligence -- Chapter XXIII. The internal structure of the human brain -- Chapter XXIV. The functional relations of the principal parts of the brain -- Chapter XXV. Phrenology: old and new -- Chapter XXVI. Will and voluntary movements -- Chapter XXVII. Cerebral mental substrata -- Chapter XXVIII. Speaking, reading, and writing: as mental and as physiological processes -- Chapter XXIX. The cerebral relations of speech and thought -- Chapter XXX. Further problems in regard to the localization of higher cerebral functions -- Appendix. Views concerning the existence and nature of a muscular sense -- Index -- A list of C. Kegan Paul and Co.'s
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Form.Cont.Note 0 a Guardia -- Coperta
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Pref. Cit. Note a The brain as an organ of mind / by H. Charlton Bastian. - London : C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1880. - xi, 708, 32 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
Reprod. Note a Electronic reproduction
b San Francisco, California
c Internet Archive
Non-MARC Info a London : C. Kegan Paul & Co., 1880. - xi, 708, 32 p. : ill. ; 20 cm
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