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160326s1933    -uk           00  0 eng d
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Local subject a Storia delle Scienze naturali, fisiche, chimiche
Nat.Bib. Cno. 7 a RMS0028082
2 ItRI
System No. a (IT-MiFBE)IA2130
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Language Code 1 a eng
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Country Code a -uk
Dewey No. 0 4 a 539.2
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Personal Name 1 a Rutherford, Ernest
d 1871-1937
4 aut
9 14291
Uniform Title 0 0 a Radioaktive Substanzen und ihre Strahlungen
l eng
Main Title 1 0 a Radioactive substances and their radiations
c by E. Rutherford
Imprint a Cambridge
b at the University Press
c 1933
Physical Des. a VII, 699 p.
b ill.
c 23 cm
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Radioattività
x Studi
x Sec. 19.-20.
2 nsbncf
9 23476
A.E. Corp. Name 2 a University press <Cambridge>
4 pbl
751 a Cambridge
2 tng
4 pup
Form.Cont.Note 0 a Coperta -- Guardia -- Occhietto -- Frontespizio -- Preface -- Contents -- Chapter I. Radio-active substances -- Chapter II. Ionisation of gases -- Chapter III. Methods of measurement -- Chapter IV. The alpha rays -- Chapter V. The beta rays -- Tavola -- Chapter VI. The gamma or very penetrating rays -- Chapter VII. Properties of the radiations -- Tavola -- Tavola -- Chapter VIII. Continuous production and decay of radioactive matter -- Chapter IX. Radio-active gases -- Chapter X. Active deposits -- Chapter XI. Theory of successive transformations -- Chapter XII. Uranium, ionium and the origin of radium -- Chapter XIII. Radium and its emanation -- Tavola -- Chapter XIV. Active deposit of radium -- Chapter XV. Actinium and its products -- Chapter XVI. Thorium and its products -- Chapter XVII. Production of helium and emission of heat -- Chapter XVIII. General results and relations -- Chapter XIX. Radio-activity of the earth and atmosphere -- Appendix A. Comparison of quantities of radium -- Appendix B. The tracks of ionising particles in gases -- Tavola -- Appendix C. Tables of decay and growth of radium emanation -- Index -- Guardia -- Coperta
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Pref. Cit. Note a Radioactive substances and their radiations / by E. Rutherford. - Cambridge : at the University Press, 1933. - VII, 699 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Reprod. Note a Electronic reproduction
b San Francisco, California
c Internet Archive
Non-MARC Info a Cambridge : at the University Press, 1933. - VII, 699 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
2 local