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Language Code 0 a eng
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Personal Name 1 a Tait, Peter Guthrie
d 1831-1901
4 aut
9 19034
Uniform Title 0 0 a Scientific papers
n 2
Main Title 1 0 a Scientific papers
c by Peter Guthrie Tait
n 2
9 02
Imprint a Cambridge
b at the University Press
c 1900
Physical Des. a xiv, 500 p., VIII c. di tav.
b ill.
c 29 cm
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Scienze naturali
x Sec. 19.
2 nsbncf
9 10256
A.E. Corp. Name 2 a University press <Cambridge>
4 pbl
751 a Cambridge
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4 pup
Location a Biblioteca Universitaria
e Pavia
j Banc.XXI.C.7
n it
Local subject a Storia delle Scienze naturali, fisiche, chimiche
942 2 ddc
Form.Cont.Note 0 a Coperta -- Guardia -- Occhietto -- Frontespizio -- Preface -- Contents -- LXI. Report on some of the physical properties of fresh water and of sea-water -- Plate I -- Plate II -- LXII. Optical notes -- LXIII. On a method of investigation experimentally the absorption of radiant heat by gases -- LXIV. On the laws of motion. Part. I. -- LXV. Johann Benedict Listing -- LXVI. Listing topologie -- Plate III -- LXVII. On radiation -- LXVIII. On an equation in Quaternion differences -- LXIX. On vortex motion -- LXX. Note on reference frames -- LXXI. On various suggestions as to the source of atmospheric electricity -- LXXII. Note on a singular passage in the Principia -- LXXIII. Note on a plane strain -- LXXIV. Summation of certain series -- LXXV. On certain integrals -- LXXVI. Hookes anticipation of the kinetic theory, and of synchronism -- LXXVII. On the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases -- LXXVIII. On the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases. II -- LXXIX. On the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases. III -- LXXX. On the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases. IV -- LXXXI. On the foundations of the kinetic theory of gases. V -- LXXXII. Note on the effects of explosives -- LXXXIII. -- LXXXIV. Note on Milner's lamp -- LXXXV. An exercise on logarithmic tables -- LXXXVI. On glories -- LXXXVII. Preliminary note on the duration of impact -- LXXXVIII. On impact -- Plate IV -- LXXXIX. On impact. II. -- XC. Quaternion notes -- XCI. Obituary notice of Balfour Stewart -- XCII. The relation among four vectors -- XCIII. On the relation among the line surface and volume integrals -- XCIV. Quaternion note on a geometrical problem -- XCV. -- XCVI. On the relations between systems of curves which, together, cut their plane into squares -- XCVII. On the importance of Quaternions in physics -- XCVIII. Glissettes of an ellipse and of a hyperbola -- Plate V -- XCIX. Note on a curious operational theorem -- C. Note on ripples in a viscous liquid -- CI. Note on the
Form.Cont.Note 0 a isothermals of ethyl oxide -- CII. Note appended to Dr. Sang's paper, on Nicol's polarizing eyepiece -- CIII. Note on Dr. Muir's solution of Sylvester's elimination problem -- CIV. Note on the thermal effect of pressure on water -- CV. Note on the division of space into infinitesimal cubes -- CVI. Note on attraction -- CVII. On the compressibility of liquids in connection with their molecular pressure -- CVIII. Preliminary note on the compressibility of aqueous solutions in connection with molecular pressure -- CIX. On the compressibility of fluids -- CX. On the application on Van Der Waal's equation to the compression of ordinary liquids -- CXI. Note on the compressibility of solutions of sugar -- CXII. On the path of a rotating spherical projectile -- Plate VI -- CXIII. On the path of rotating spherical projectile. II -- Plate VII -- CXIV. Note on the antecedents of Clerk-Maxwell's electro-dynamical wawe-equations -- CXV. On the electro-magnetic wave-surface -- CXVI. On the intrinsic nature of the Quaternion method -- CXVII. Systems of plane curves whose orthogonals form a similar system -- CXVIII. Note on the circles of curvature of a plane curve -- CXIX. Note on centrobaric shells -- CXX. On the linear and vector function -- CXXI. On the linear and vector function -- CXXII. Note on the solution of equations in linear and vector functions -- CXXIII. On the directions which are most altered by a homogeneous strain -- Plate VIII -- CXXIV. On the linear and vector function -- CXXV. Note on Clerk-Maxwell's law of distribution of velocity in a group of equal colliding spheres -- CXXVI. On the generalization of Josephus' problem -- CXXVII. Kirchhoff -- CXXVIII. Hamilton -- CXXIX. Quaternions -- CXXX. Radiation and convection -- CXXXI. Thermodynamics -- CXXII. Macquorn Rankine -- CXXIII. On the teaching of natural philosphy -- Guardia -- Coperta
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Pref. Cit. Note a Scientific papers. 2 / by Peter Guthrie Tait. - Cambridge : at the University Press, 1900. - xiv, 500 p., VIII c. di tav. : ill. ; 29 cm
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b Firenze
c Società italiana per lo studio del Medioevo latino
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Non-MARC Info a Cambridge : at the University Press, 1900. - xiv, 500 p., VIII c. di tav. : ill. ; 29 cm
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