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Personal Name 1 a Huxley, Thomas Henry
d 1825-1895
4 aut
9 1144
Uniform Title 0 0 a Scientific memoirs
n 1
Main Title 1 0 a The scientific memoirs
c of Thomas Henry Huxley ; edited by Michael Foster and by E. Ray Lankester
n 1
9 01
Imprint a London
b Macmillan and co.
c 1898
Physical Des. a XV, 606 p., [1], XXXII c. di tav. in parte ripiegate
b ill., 1 ritratto
c 25 cm
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Biologia
x Sec. 19.
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9 18658
A.E. Pers. Name 1 a Foster, Michael
d 1836-1907
4 edt
9 18656
A.E. Pers. Name 1 a Lankester, Edwin Ray
d 1847-1929
4 edt
9 18657
A.E. Corp. Name 2 a Macmillan
4 pbl
751 a London
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Location a Biblioteca Universitaria
e Pavia
j Banc.29.E.16
n it
Local subject a Storia delle Scienze naturali, fisiche, chimiche
942 2 ddc
Form.Cont.Note 0 a Coperta -- Guardia -- Occhietto -- Ritratto -- Frontespizio -- Preface -- Contents -- List of plates -- The scientific papers of Thomas Henry Huxley -- I. On a hitherto undescribed structure in the human hair sheath -- II. Examination of the corpuscles of the blood of amphioxus lanceolatus -- III. Description of the animal of Trigonia, from actual dissection -- Plate I -- IV. On the anatomy and the affinities of the family of the medusae -- Plate II -- Plate III -- V. Notes on medusae and polypes -- VI. Observations sur la circulation du sang chez les mollusques, des genres firole et atlante -- VII. Observations upon the anatomy and physiology of salpa and pyrosoma -- VIII. Remarks upon appendicularia and doliolum, two genera of the tunicata -- Plate V -- Plate VI -- Plate VII -- Plate VIII -- Plate IX -- IX. Zoological notes and observations made on board H.M.S. Rattlesnake during the years 1846-50 -- Plate X -- Plate XI -- X. Observations on the genus sagitta -- XI. An account of researches into the anatomy of the hydrostatic acalephae -- XII. Description of a new form of sponge-like animal -- XIII. Report upon the researches of prof. Muller into the anatomy and development of the echinoderms -- XIV. Ueber die sexualorgane der diphydae und physophoridae -- Plate XII -- XV. Lacinularia socialis -- Plate XIV -- Plate XV -- Plate XVI -- XVI. Upon animal individuality -- XVII. On the morphology of the cephalous mollusca, as illustrated by the anatomy of certain heteropoda and pteropoda collected during the voyage of H.M.S. Rattlesnake in 1846-50 -- Plate XVII -- Plate XVIII -- Plate XIX -- Plate XX -- XVIII. Researches into the structure of the ascidians -- XIX. On the anatomy and development of echinococcus veterinorum -- Plate XXI -- Plate XXII -- XX. On the identity of structure of plants and animals -- XXI. Observations on the existence of cellulose in the tunic of ascidians -- XXII. On the development of the teeth,and on the nature and import of Nasmyth's
Form.Cont.Note 0 a "persistent capsule" -- Plate XXIII -- XXIII. The cell-theory -- XXIV. On the vascular system of the lower annulosa -- XXV. On the common plan of animal forms -- XXVI. On the structure and relation of the corpuscula tactus (tactile corpuscles or axile corpuscles), and of the pacinian bodies -- Plate XXIV -- XVII. On the ultimate structure and relations of the malpighian bodies of the spleen and of the tonsillar follicles -- Plate XXV -- XXVIII. On certain zoological arguments commonly adduced in favour of the hypothesis of the progressive development of animal life in time -- XXIX. On natural history, as knowledge, discipline, and power -- XXX. On the present state of knowledge as to the structure and functions of nerve -- XXXI. On the phenomena of gemmation -- XXXII. Contributions to the anatomy of the brachiopoda -- XXXIII. On a hermaphrodite and fissiparous species of tubicolar annelid -- Plate XXVI -- XXXIV. On the structure of noctiluca miliaris -- Plate XXVII -- XXXV. On the enamel and dentine of the teeth -- XXXVI. Memoir on physalia -- XXXVII. On the anatomy of diphyes, and on the unity of composition of the diphyidae and physophoridae, &c. -- XXXVIII. Tegumentary organs -- XXXIX. On the method of palaeontology -- XL. Observations on the structure and affinities of himantopterus -- XLI. Further observations on the structure of appendicularia flabellum (chamisso) -- Plate XXVIII -- XLII. Note on the reproductive organs of the cheilostome polyzoa -- XLIII. Description of a new crustacean (pygocephalus cooperi, Huxley) from the coal-measures -- Plate XXIX -- XLIV. On dysteria; a new genus of infusoria -- Plate XXX -- XLV. Review of Dr. Hannover's memoir -- XLVI. Observations on the structure of glacier ice -- XLVII. On cephalaspis and pteraspis -- Plate XXXI -- Plate XXXII -- XLVIII. Observations on the genus pteraspis -- XLIX. On a new species of plesiosaurus from street near Glastonbury; with remarks on the structure of the atlas and axis vertebrae,
Form.Cont.Note 0 a and of the cranium, in that genus -- L. On the theory of the vertebrate skull -- Guardia -- Coperta
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Pref. Cit. Note a The scientific memoirs. 1 / of Thomas Henry Huxley ; edited by Michael Foster and by E. Ray Lankester. - London : Macmillan and co., 1898. - XV, 606 p., [1], XXXII c. di tav. in parte ripiegate : ill., 1 ritratto ; 25 cm
Reprod. Note a Electronic reproduction
b Firenze
c Società italiana per lo studio del Medioevo latino
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Non-MARC Info a London : Macmillan and co., 1898. - XV, 606 p., [1], XXXII c. di tav. in parte ripiegate : ill., 1 ritratto ; 25 cm
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