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Language Code 0 a eng
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Dewey No. 0 4 a 537.2
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Dewey No. 0 4 a 538
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Personal Name 1 a Kelvin, William Thomson
d 1824-1907
4 aut
9 1100
Uniform Title 0 0 a Reprint of papers on electrostatics and magnetism
Main Title 1 0 a Reprint of papers on electrostatics and magnetism
c by sir William Thomson
Imprint a London
b Macmillan & co.
c 1872
Physical Des. a XV, 592 p., III c. di tav. in parte ripiegate
b ill.
c 23 cm
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Magnetismo
x Studi
x Sec. 19.
2 nsbncf
9 19087
Subject-Top.Trm 7 a Elettrostatica
x Studi
x Sec. 19.
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A.E. Corp. Name 2 a Macmillan
4 pbl
751 a London
2 tng
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Location a Biblioteca Universitaria
e Pavia
j CORR.93.G.62
n it
Local subject a Storia delle Scienze naturali, fisiche, chimiche
942 2 ddc
Form.Cont.Note 0 a Coperta -- Guardia -- Occhietto -- Frontespizio -- Preface -- Contents -- Electrostatics and magnetism -- I. On the uniform motion of heat in homogeneous solid bodies, and its connexion with the methematical theory of electricity -- II. On the mathematical theory of electricity in equilibrium -- III. On the electro-statical capacity of a Leyden phial and of a telegraph wire insulated in the axis of a cylindrical conducting sheath -- IV. On the mathematical theory of electricity in equilibrium -- V. On the mathematical theory of electricity in equilibrium -- VI. On the mutual attraction or repulsion between two electrified spherical conductors -- VII. On the attractions of cunducting and non-conducting electrified bodies -- VIII. Demonstration of a fundamental proposition in the mechanical theory of electricity -- IX. Note on induced magnetism in a plate -- X. Sur une proprieté de la couche électrique en équilibre à la surface du'n corps conducteur -- XI. On certain definite integrals suggested by problems in the theory of electricity -- XII. Proposition in the theory of attraction -- XIII. Theorems with reference to the solution of certain partial differential equations -- XIV. Electric images -- XV. Determination of the distribution of electricity on a circular segment of plane or spherical conducting surface, under any given influence -- XVI. Atmospheric electricity -- XVII. Sound produced by the discharge of a condenser -- XVIII. Measurement of the electrostatic force produced by a Daniell's battery -- XIX. Measurement of the electromotive force required to produce a spark in air between parallel metal plates at different distances -- XX. Report on electrometers and electro-static measurements -- Tavola -- Tavola -- Tavola -- XXI. Atmospheric electricity -- XXII. New proof of contact electricity -- XXIII. Electrophoric apparatus, and illustrations of voltaic theory -- XXIV. A mathematical theory of magnetism -- XXV. On the potential of a closed galvanic circuit
Form.Cont.Note 0 a of any form -- XXVI. On the mechanical values of distribution of matter and of magnets -- XXVII. Hydro-kinetic analogy -- XXVIII. Inverse problems -- XXIX. On the electric current by which the phenomena of terrestrial megnetism may be produced -- XXX. On the theory of magnetic induction in crystalline and non-crystalline substances -- XXXI. Magnetic permeability, and analogues in electro-static induction, conduction of heat, and fluid motion -- XXXII. Diagrams of linesof force; to illustrate magnetic permeability -- XXXIII. On the forces experienced by small spheres under magnetic influence; and on some of the phenomena presented by diamagnetic substances -- XXXIV. Remarks on the forces experienced by inductively magnetized ferromagnetic or diamagnetic non-crystalline substances -- XXXV. Abstracts of two communications -- XXXVI. -- XXXVII. Elementary demonstrations of propositions in the theory of magnetic force -- XXXVIII. Correspondance with professor Tyndall -- XXXIX. Inductive susceptibility of a polar magnet -- XL. General problem of magnetic induction -- XLI. Hydrokinetic analogy for the magnetic influence of an ideal extreme diamagnetic -- XLII. General hydrokinetic analogy for induced magnetism -- Index -- Guardia -- Coperta
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Pref. Cit. Note a Reprint of papers on electrostatics and magnetism / by sir William Thomson. - London : Macmillan & co., 1872. - XV, 592 p., III c. di tav. in parte ripiegate : ill. ; 23 cm
Reprod. Note a Electronic reproduction
b Firenze
c Società italiana per lo studio del Medioevo latino
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Non-MARC Info a London : Macmillan & co., 1872. - XV, 592 p., III c. di tav. in parte ripiegate : ill. ; 23 cm
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